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Austin, TX


SD&A is the motion graphics production company under the direction of Mark Scofield.  Mark studied at Savannah College of Art and Design and is now based in Austin, TX.  He has worked with a wide range of clients including Cisco, Dell, ESPN, AT&T, Whataburger, AMD, Diageo, Microsoft, US AirForce, as well as many others.  From brand development and content creation to bringing your visions to life, SD&A can work with you as a creative partner at any stage to produce compelling motion graphics for any application. What can SD&A do for you?

Dell Social Innovation Challenge

Dell Social Innovation Challenge

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge gives university students from around the globe the opportunity for mentoring and advisement with the chance to compete for prize money to help bring their innovative ideas to the world. Produced by Foxtrot, sound by Stuck On On.

Role: Design, Additional Illustration, Animation, Edit

Clients: Foxtrot, Dell Social Innovation Challenge

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